Monday Keynote & Diamond Awards Luncheon

Monday, May 20 | 12:30 - 1:45 pm | Grand Ballroom Salons 1-4

Keynote Speaker

Jeff Meier

Owner of Battlefield Country Store

Diamond Awards

The Diamond Awards Series is a series of awards presented at both NADCO conferences to acknowledge CDC and small business excellence in the area of community development. At the Spring Summit, we also recognize the small business borrowers and celebrate their contributions to their communities.

25-Year Debenture Diamond Award

The 25-Year Debenture Diamond Award will be awarded to the nominee CDC and small business with the most impactful 25-year debenture story. The writeup should answer the question “how did the availability of the 25-year option make a big and measurable difference for the nominated borrower?” Please include data where possible. Nominate here.