NADCO University Scholarships

Information & Application

NADCO offers conference registration scholarships for up to five individuals for various events. These scholarships are intended for employees at CDCs that would not otherwise send someone due to financial restrictions. CDC employees that match this description are encouraged to apply for one of the scholarship slots.

Please submit your scholarship application by 2/27/18. At this time, NADCO staff will review applications (keeping all information confidential) and respond with decisions by 3/6/18. NADCO will continue accepting applications after 2/27/18 if we have not yet awarded all five scholarships. Late applications will hear back quickly from NADCO staff regarding the status of their applications.

Selected recipients will receive a registration fee waiver. CDC employees might consider applying for the following reasons:
  • The cost of the registration is too much when combined with travel and hotel expenses
  • The CDC feels it's necessary to send an additional person but can only afford one registration
*Please email for questions regarding scholarships.

Please note that recipients are required to stay within the NADCO hotel block.

The scholarship covers only the cost of the conference registration. It does not cover hotel, travel, or per diem expenses.

To apply, complete the SCHOLARSHIP FORM and follow enclosed directions to submit.