Liquidation & Post Debenture Workouts

Wednesday & Thursday, January 29-30, 2020
8:30 am - 5:00 pm


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Course Description

While it is an unfortunate reality of CDC business operations, Liquidation is arguably the most important and most stressful process for which a CDC needs to train and prepare. Between SBA expectations for various CDC structures, SOP requirements, and the potential for litigation, navigating this process can be especially involved in terms of both the technical requirements that need to be followed and the sometimes-difficult decisions that need to be made. In the future SBA regulations could change to require that all CDCs handle their defaulted loans through the liquidation process. Therefore, having a good foundation of background knowledge about liquidations could help you prepare for the future.

Get the tools you need to expertly approach potential liquidations and the resources that you can rely on throughout the liquidation process in this two-day course taught by Hollis Carter.

In addition to the provided resources and information, CDC participants can pose various liquidation scenarios for discussion throughout the course for a hands-on experience that leaves students with a practical understanding of the tools and processes. The course will include in-depth discussions of SBA guidelines concerning the timing parameters of a liquidation and will follow a “cradle to grave” example to develop a both breadth and depth of understanding. OCRM audits will be discussed and CDC participants can exchange their OCRM audit experiences with other CDCs.

Class participants are encouraged to bring (or submit to NADCO beforehand) unusual or complicated liquidation cases for class discussion during this incredible practical course for CDC professionals.

Participants will receive a manual containing samples of SBA forms, checklists and templates for various liquidation functions which can be invaluable when handling that first loan into liquidation.

Topics include:
Preparing the Liquidation Plan and Protective Bid Analysis
Post-debenture workout/modifications and their accounting
The complexities of note, loan sales and short sales
SBA referral of borrowers to the Department of Treasury and Administrative Wage Garnishment as a collection tool
Charging off loans and what happens at and after charge off

PREREQUISITE: "Introduction to SBA 504" or six-months’ substantive experience with SBA 504 lending.

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Instructor Information

Hollis Carter
Hollis retired from SBA in September 2014 after 29 years of Federal service (23 with SBA). He joined SBA in 1991 in the Kentucky District Office as the Chief of Finance with responsibility for managing 504 and 7(a) loan processing. In 1994 he was promoted to Assistant District Director for Economic Development with responsibility for all SBA economic development programs. He joined the Little Rock Commercial Loan Servicing Center when it was founded in 1995 as a Supervisory Loan Specialist overseeing a team of loan specialists servicing 504, 7(a) and disaster business loans. He assumed responsibility for the 504 liquidation function in 2006 and worked in that capacity until his retirement.

Prior to joining SBA Hollis spent six years with the Farm Credit Administration in McLean, Virginia and Louisville, Kentucky as an Examiner/Supervisor and Examination Manager leading safety and soundness examinations of Farm Credit System lending institutions.

The first six years of his career were spent in banking and agricultural finance.

Hollis earned a BS in Agronomy and an MBA at Mississippi State University.

He is now an independent 504 consultant specializing in loan review, policy development, portfolio management and trouble-shooting.