Navigating SOP 50 10

Tuesday & Wednesday, February 26-27, 2019

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Course Description

The two-day SOP 50 10 5 course is an excellent resource for all 504 industry employees who interact with the SOP on a regular basis. The session provides a thorough review of the policies and procedures required to successfully leverage the SOP in originating, underwriting, and securing approval for SBA 504 loans. This training is recommended for all employees – from the CEO level to front-line employees – who would benefit professionally from a deeper understanding of the program’s changes and intricacies. The information from the training will serve as an excellent resource for successfully delivering an approval to clients. It includes extensive use of best practices that CDCs in the industry successfully utilize along with case studies to reinforce application of concepts.

Topics include:
SOP 50 10 5 - Section by Section Overview
CDC Operational Requirements
504 Loan Program Background / Authorities
Credit Standards
Business Eligibility Guidelines
Affiliation Requirements - UPDATED
Franchise Requirements - UPDATED
Project Eligibility Guidelines
Loan Structuring – Eligible Sources and Uses of Funds
Successful Use of Economic Development Objectives
504 Expansion Debt Refinance Program
504 Debt Refinancing Program - UPDATED
Change of Ownership Projects - UPDATED
National Register of Historic Places - UPDATED
Collateral, Appraisal and Environmental Policies
Application Processing & Loan Closing
Debenture Pricing & Funding Process

PREREQUISITE: “Introduction to SBA 504” (online via NADCO U) or six-months’ experience in a substantive capacity (e.g., loan officer) for a CDC.

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Instructor Information

Wayne Williams

With over 27 years in the industry, and 17 years with Business Finance Group, Wayne Williams is responsible for working with the lending community, small business owners and other partners within the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

While working with Business Finance Group, he has personally assisted over 400 small businesses with projects totaling over $700 million. Prior to joining Business Finance Group, Wayne spent ten years in commercial lending and has worked in SBA lending for most of his career.

Wayne is the Chair of the Lenders Quality Circle Steering Committee for the U.S. Small Business Administration Washington Metropolitan Area District Office, and is former Chapter President and National Award Winner with the American Institute of Banking. He was an instructor for the Risk Management Association and is a graduate of the Advanced Management Program of the North Carolina School of Banking and the Risk Management Association Commercial Lending School. In 2009, Wayne was recognized the Washington Metropolitan Area District Office as SBA’s Financial Services Champion.