About NADCO University

NADCO University is NADCO's sanctioned training program that is designed to provide the most important industry information and instruction to CDCs on a wide range of SBA 504-related topics.

While this event website is specifically built around one in-person training event, other courses are offered online and on demand within the NADCO University e-learning portal. The most timely information is often offered online via live webinar. The list of on-demand course offerings can be viewed at anytime online in the NADCO course catalog. Check the NADCO.org "Future Dates" page for information on upcoming in-person trainings (or the "Event Archive" for past trainings).

Announcements for these trainings are sent as new courses are released or scheduled.

Course Topics

  • Navigating the SOP
    • In-Person
  • 504 Loan Closing
    • In-Person
    • Online: "Update" course available online
  • Credit Risk Institute
    • In-Person
    • Online: Three supplemental modules available
  • Servicing
    • In-Person: Basic and Advanced are offered
  • Liquidation
    • In-Person
    • Online: Three supplemental modules available
  • Packaging
    • In-Person
  • OCRM
    • In-Person
  • Marketing
    • Online: QuickStart Marketing Available
  • CDC Board of Directors Training
    • Online: Three modules available on various topics
  • Introduction to SBA 504
    • Online: QuickStart course available
  • ...and special topics!
    • In - Person: Depending on need
    • Online: Depending on need
    • Live Webinars: Depending on need

Course Updates

NADCO University is continually updating, revising, and modifying courses based on attendee feedback and changes within the industry. Attendees may find that a course they've taken years prior is helpful to take again as the course and industry evolve together.