Wednesday Keynote Address and Awards Presentation

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 | 1:00 - 1:30 pm | Broadway Ballroom

Keynote Speaker

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The 2019 CDC and Borrower Diamond Awards Series

The NADCO Diamond Awards Series, put simply, is a series of awards used to acknowledge CDC excellence in the area of economic development. Two awards will be given. We are calling them “Community Cornerstone” and “Ground Up.” Please see below for specifications on the awards:

Group I – (CDC $50M 504 portfolio or larger), “Ground Up” category
Group II – (CDC $50M 504 portfolio or smaller), “Ground Up” category
Group III – (CDC $50M 504 portfolio or larger), “Community Cornerstone” category
Group IV – (CDC $50M 504 portfolio or smaller), “Community Cornerstone” category

06/24 - Nominations open
09/03 - Nominations close & committee begins reviewing nominations
10/16 – Ground Up Diamond Award Presented at Luncheon
10/17 – Community Cornerstone Diamond Award Presented at Luncheon

Ground Up Diamond Award Description

The Ground Up Diamond Award will be awarded to a CDC and 504 borrower, which began with a startup 504 loan and has since grown far beyond initial projections.

Criteria and Assessment
SBA 504 nominees will be judged anonymously (with identifying information removed) based on the below elements. This borrower can be a borrower who has paid his or her 504 loan in full and does not need to be an active loan in a CDC’s portfolio. This borrower must have been a startup small business at the time of its initial 504 loan.
  • Small business borrower story
  • Community Impact
  • Any job information/specifics about growth since its founding

The 504 Lender Diamond Awards Series

The 504 Lender Diamond Awards are presented annually at the NADCO Annual Meeting to the most active 504 Lenders in two categories.

Large Bank - Over $1 Billion Portfolio
Small Bank - Under $1 Billion Portfolio