Thursday Keynote Address and Awards Presentation

Thursday, October 17, 2019 | 12:50 - 1:20 pm | Broadway Ballroom

Keynote Speaker

Lance Brock, Owner
Climb Nashville

Lance Brock grew up in middle TN and went to the University of Tennessee and studied architecture. He practiced architecture for about 7 years before deciding to open Climb Nashville. He was a sponsored climber for about 10 years and served on the board of directors for the Access Fund.

Back in 2003, Lance and his business partner, Drew Sloss had a vision for indoor climbing as a form of fitness and included workout space as well as yoga and fitness classes in the first gym they built. They bought their first gym in 2003 and opened the second in 2004. Over the last 16 years they have bought and sold gyms, opened and relocated gyms and built more. They have seen our industry grow from a tiny niche market to a large industry and are glad to be part of the excitement.

Lance still climbs as much as his old, decrepit body will allow and is still into fitness. He has 4 children with his beautiful wife Carrie and loves seeing the world through their eyes as they travel together.

The 2019 CDC and Borrower Diamond Awards Series

The NADCO Diamond Awards Series, put simply, is a series of awards used to acknowledge CDC excellence in the area of economic development. Two awards will be given. We are calling them “Community Cornerstone” and “Ground Up.” Please see below for specifications on the awards:

Group I – (CDC $50M 504 portfolio or larger), “Ground Up” category
Group II – (CDC $50M 504 portfolio or smaller), “Ground Up” category
Group III – (CDC $50M 504 portfolio or larger), “Community Cornerstone” category
Group IV – (CDC $50M 504 portfolio or smaller), “Community Cornerstone” category

06/24 - Nominations open
09/03 - Nominations close & committee begins reviewing nominations
10/16 – Ground Up Diamond Award Presented at Luncheon
10/17 – Community Cornerstone Diamond Award Presented at Luncheon

Community Cornerstone Diamond Award Description

The Community Cornerstone Diamond Award will be awarded to a CDC and 504 borrower, which used an SBA 504 loan and has since become an important and highly active small business within the community. While this may involve outreach, donation, or volunteering, it can also mean hosting events of a wide variety and frequency that bring various local communities together at their location/nearby around shared interests or experiences.

Criteria and Assessment
SBA 504 nominees will be judged anonymously (with identifying information removed) based on the below elements.
  • Small business borrower story
  • Community integration
  • Information on community events/impact

Hall of Fame Award

The Hall of Fame Award is presented to individuals that throughout their career have contributed above and beyond to ensure the success of the 504 industry. Many of these individuals were instrumental in the creation of the 504 Loan Program and they have all worked tirelessly to improve and grow the program over time. These individuals are dedicated advocates for the 504 Loan Program and the CDC industry. The winners are nominated and voted on by the current members of the Past Chairmen of the Board.

Previous Winners:
1991: Roland Cook
1992: Wayne Foren, Arthur Goodman, Mary Jean Ryan
1993: John Sower
1994: John LaFalce, Charles Hertzberg
1996: Scott Davis
1998: Thomas Powers, James Baird
1999: John Ball
2000: James M. Talent
2003: Paul Wellstone
2004: Richard Palank
2005: Barbara A. Vohryzek
2008: Sam Beard
2014: Tom Cator, Steve Van Order
2015: Kurt Chilcott
2016: Tim Pierce, Steve Suite
2018: David Main