Add-On Session

Preparing for Your Future: Best Practices and New Hot Buttons for 504 Eligibility

This add-on course will be a rigorous look into the most pressing 504 Loan Program eligibility challenges.

Highlight of Topics:
  • Business Acquisition vs Start-up vs. Expansion: Which box does our 504 project best fit in?

  • Affiliation Rules vs Guarantor Rules and when to follow each.

  • EPC/OC ownership rules.

  • Lease with Option to Purchase.

  • And More….

  • Discussion time with industry experts will include guidance and practical tips.

    The add-on course will be taught by:
    Briana Rickertsen, Production Captain
    Colorado Lending Source
    Evan Shaw, Chief Credit Officer
    Business Finance Group Inc.
    Wayne Williams, Senior Vice President
    Business Finance Group Inc.