About the PAC

PAC Overview

504PAC is a nonpartisan Political Action Committee that allows 504 industry professionals to have a greater impact on Capitol Hill. The 504PAC is responsible for donating funds to Senators and Representatives who consistently and actively support causes important to CDC employees.

504PAC funds are overseen by the NADCO Board of Directors as well as the PAC committee Chair (currently Zola Finch). 504PAC is a critical tool in NADCO’s active legislative strategy.

Recent Successes

While vast majority of 504PAC legislative successes are simply affording the industry more opportunities to engage with and to educate members of congress and their staffs so that these leaders can make informed decisions about our industry, the 504PAC has had some notable, large victories in recent years, as well. Attend the PAC event at the Annual Meeting to learn more about how the 504PAC engages with leadership on the Hill.

PAC Rules of Note

Please note that while CDC professionals are eligible to donate to the PAC, all donations must be personal (and not from CDCs). A maximum of $5000 can be contributed to the PAC each year and contributions are not tax deductible.