Story Selection

Anonymous Process

Stories are submitted to NADCO with complete information. A designated NADCO employee strips out the CDC identifying information before they are passed on to a small group to review and select the stories.

Why Wasn't My Story Selected?

There are dozens of reasons beyond the merits of the story that may have caused it to not be selected. For example, the story may not have had complete data as outlined in the Story Requests page. NADCO gave a strong preference to loans that had already been funded to avoid issues related to cancelled loans.

Additionally, these documents are presented to a congressional and regulatory audiences as a collection. NADCO may have considered these audiences in any of the following ways, affecting the selection of a different story: Considering personal preference of important leaders from the state pertaining to the nature of the story, considering the concentration of similar borrowers and stories (eg: we did not want to feature five childcare centers in the collection), considering avoidance of politically polarizing businesses, etc.

As a reminder, these one-sheets by themselves are supposed to represent 504 lending in that state and the collection as a whole is supposed to represent 504 lending around the country. As such, your CDC's borrower may not have been selected as the featured story, however, your CDC should be represented at least by name on the one pager. NADCO tried to strike a balance between giving CDCs credit for the borrower stories and representing competing CDCs on the state one pagers.