I submitted edits - why aren't they reflected?

Of the many emails received regarding edits to the one-pagers (some duplicate edits, some signing off on the documents, others containing typos), almost all were made by NADCO and are reflected on the Most Recent versions. However, there were some edits or concerns that for one reason or another could not be addressed. If you would like to make further changes to the one-pager, NADCO is happy to send the editable file to your CDC. For now, these 50 state one pagers are in final form, but we will be soliciting help to update and edit every few years.

Why are the images grainy when I download them?

The versions that you can download are low quality. These are not the versions that you should print or disseminate to constituents. They are uploaded merely so that CDCs can screen for issues with the featured stories the high quality files were too large to upload.

How do I get a high quality version of the file?

NADCO will happily send you the high quality version if you email news@nadco.org. Since the files are so large, it may require us to Dropbox the file to you (or utilize some other large file-share mechanism).

Am I free to use my state's one-pager?

Yes! Please simply let news@nadco.org know so that we can ensure you have a high-quality version to work from.

Why does my state's one-pager feature a competitor's borrower?

Every few years, NADCO solicits stories from CDCs. We sort them by state, remove identifying CDC information, and a third party selects the best story from available submissions for each state. Then, we feature the selected stories. Once NADCO felt one story was fairly selected, the story was restored to its original form, edited in most cases, and then featured on the front of the one-pager for the state in question. In some instances, if a submitted story was not featured on the front, it is featured on the back.

What are my options if I don't want to use a one-pager for a competitor's borrower?

The intended audience for the one-pagers is elected representatives and their staffs. This constituency is not concerned with which CDC made the loan. They simply want to see that borrowers are benefiting from the 504 Loan Program (and that it's making an impact) in your local area. If you want to change the one-pager to reflect your CDC, please see the directions below.

Can I get a version of the state one-pager featuring my CDC's borrower?

If your CDC has Photoshop downloaded (and somebody who knows how to use it!) NADCO is happy to send you the PSD file to edit as you see fit in-house. Unfortunately, at this time, NADCO's focus has to be to simply complete the original 50 one-pagers, so cannot switch out the stories for your CDC.

Will the one-pagers ever change/be updated?

Yes! Due to the size of this project, NADCO intends to solicit new stories for about one-third of the states each year. That way, other CDCs have a chance to have their borrowers featured, or to feature new or different stories for the state. Additionally, the "Past 20 Years" statistics on the front side, right sidebar will be updated each year as the new data is released from the SBA. The statistics that are currently displayed are based on FY 2017 data.

My state says "No story received" - where is my state's one-pager?

NADCO did not receive adequate stories from some states in order to put together a one-pager. If you have a borrower in either of these states that you wish to highlight, we can still put a one pager together. Contact news@nadco.org for details.