Talk up the 504 to your Congressional Members!

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Basic Information

Meeting with Congress is a critical part of your trip to the NADCO Spring Summit. Please call your relevant House and Senate offices in mid to late March to ensure a meeting for the afternoon of Tuesday, May 9 and all day on Wednesday, May 10. Each office has a preferred way to request a meeting, so call them directly or check the "Contact” section of their websites. NADCO staff is here to help! The House is in recess that week, which means staff will have more time to give to these meetings and more focus to learn about our program’s nuances.

*****Please CLICK HERE for a map of the Capitol Building Complex.***.

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Contact Information for Congress

Contact information for the House:
Not sure who your representative is? Put in your zip code in at the top right corner of that site to find out.

Contact information for the Senate:

Download Documents

Leave Behind Documents:
504 Loan Program Infographic: this provide basic statistics about the structure and the national reach of the 504 program.
CLICK HERE for a pdf of the 504 Loan Program Infographic.

CDCs & the 504 Small Business Lending Program: this provides information about what a CDC is and some details about the programs they provide, particularly the 504 program.
CLICK HERE for a pdf of the SBA 504 Small Business Lending Program.

DC Maps: this shows DC-area 504s that the staffers may recognize from their neighborhoods
CLICK HERE for a pdf of DC 504s.

50 State One-Pager: Borrower stories from each state have been included on each one-pager in order to represent that state on The Hill. Though the Spring Summit is not a government relations conference, advocacy will be a key theme. When you visit your congressional leaders to advocate for 504 and debt refi, be sure to bring an example of the good work you do!
CLICK HERE for your state's one-pager.

Thank You Notes:
Don’t let your important advocacy work end when you leave Washington, D.C.! To ensure maximum impact, follow up with your Representatives and Senators in the days following your Capitol Hill meetings.

First, mail a printed thank you letter to the members (or a less formal thank you email if the meeting was solely staff) with whom you met within a week of returning home. In the note, be sure to thank them for their time and attention earlier in the week, reiterate the important role your CDC plays in their community, and invite them again to visit you or a small business beneficiary of the 504 program (a sample letter is below).

After that, keep in occasional touch with the staff members. Send them items such as quarterly or annual reports that you produce and inform them of crucial legislative moments for the CDC Community. Armed with this knowledge, they can help their members make fully informed and strong votes in support of the 504 program. CLICK HERE for a sample thank you note.

About the Meetings

With new leadership and upcoming hearings expected in Congress, our strong presence is crucial. Members of Congress need to understand how our industry directly impacts their state and their voters. Please bring clear, precise information, such as those NADCO provides in the links above, with you to these meetings. Members are often not aware of the economic development impact that CDCs have in their communities so be sure to underline, with examples, that important aspect of your work. NADCO will also provide talking points for you to use on important congressional work.

Photos courtesy of Destination DC