About the PAC

Current PAC Events

Please CLICK HERE for more information regarding the PAC events being held during the 2015 NADCO Spring Summit.

What is the PAC

504PAC is the political action committee of NADCO. It donates funds to selected political candidates who consistently and actively support causes important to NADCO members. Overseen by the Board of Director’s PAC committee, 504PAC contributions are used to raise the level of awareness about the 504 program with key lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Combined with NADCO’s grassroots program and the ongoing outreach on Capitol Hill, 504PAC is a critical tool in NADCO’s active government relations strategy. Through members’ contributions to 504PAC, we are able to educate more members of Congress and their key staff about the 504 program.

Why Should I Donate to the PAC

NADCO members can often speak with a louder and stronger voice together than they can separately. 504PAC allows donors to increase influence from their own state and to be part of a larger, more powerful group. It supports candidates across the country who are champions for the 504 program and need support to continue their work on behalf of CDCs. 504PAC is also an important educational tool for members of Congress. Events available due to 504PAC donations are a chance for time with elected representatives who are interested in learning more about NADCO and the 504 program.

Who Should Donate to the PAC

504PAC donors should be as diverse and far-reaching as the 504 program is. You support issues critical to CDC and small business success through your donation. Each dollar 504PAC receives helps the 504 program gain notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are candidates for 504PAC support selected?

Candidates are selected for support by the NADCO PAC Committee. The candidates are voted on by the committee and if a consensus is reached, the contribution is made.

Can my corporation make a contribution to the 504PAC?

No, all donations to the 504PAC must be paid from personal, not corporate funds.

How much can I contribute to the 504PAC each year?

The maximum contribution from any individual is $5000.00 per calendar year.

Are 504PAC contributions tax deductible?

As with all political donations, contributions to the 504PAC are not tax deductible.

How can I make a contribution?

Contribution can be made via a personal check or by credit card (checks should be made out to the 504PAC unless otherwise noted for the event).

Do I need to fill out any paperwork with my donation?

Yes, you need to fill out a form if you have not filled one out since October 2014. Please CLICK HERE to download the form.