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Wednesday Keynote and Awards Luncheon

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Thursday Keynote and Awards Luncheon

Lender Economic Development Partnership Award
Diamond Award Series

Award Description
The Lender in Economic Development Partnership Award was created to honor a third party lender that has fostered economic development in local communities, in partnership with a Certified Development Company.

The 2015 Annual Meeting in New Orleans is the first time that NADCO will honor someone with this award.

Qualified nominees include all third party lenders that partner with CDCs for the betterment of local economies. Nominees might include lenders that assist CDCs in establishing their Community Advantage program, either through equity contributions or lines of credit, or lenders that seed local economic development programs in partnership with a CDC. For any questions regarding eligibility, please contact NADCO at

Nomination Submissions
All CDCs interested in nominating a third party lender should do so by following this link and filling out all required information, including a 500 word or fewer description of the economic development fostered by the nominee. Any additional materials and news clips can be mailed to, but are not required.

Nominations are due on Thursday, October 15.

Review Processes
All nominations received prior to the deadline will receive equal consideration. Identifying information will be stripped from written nominations and reviewed by a panel of judges, who will rank nominations based on merit.

NADCO will make every effort to use an unbiased panel of judges from closely related industries to help determine a winner. Judges will individually rate nominations based on overall impression and rank the nomination on a scale from 1-10. The nominee with the highest average ranking will be chosen as the award winner.

Award Presentation
The Lender in Economic Development Partnership Award will be presented at NADCO’s 2015 Annual Meeting in New Orleans during the Keynote and Awards Luncheon on Thursday, November 12 from 12:00 p.m. to 1:15 p.m.

Winners will not be required to make a speech.