General Session Speaker Biographies

General Session I - Regulatory and Policy Updates

Ann Marie Mehlum

John Miller

Linda Rusche

Linda Reilly

Rhonda Pointon

General Session II - Other Economic Development Activities Unlocked

Jamie Davenport

Charlie Cleary

Debbie Partin

Mary Mansfield

General Session III - Navigating the SBA Centers

John Miller

Joel Stiner

Zola Finch

General Session IV – Central Servicing Agent and Funding

John Wade

Frank Keane

Leland F. Bunch, III

Karen Cady

Jeff Johnson

Glenn McKeever

Christopher Urban

Catherine Riddle

General Session V – OCRM and SMART Reviews

Linda Rusche

Barbara A. Vohryzek

General Session VI – Congressional Impressions and Actions: Refi and What’s Next for CDCs and the 504?

Randy Griffin

Heather McNelis

Claire O'Rourke